Hello here Fabio,

if you are reading this post it is because you have tried the Disc Dog or the Dog Dance tricks where the dog comes into contact with your bust and / or back and the result is very similar to that of the photo ...


I know perfectly well how painful it can be, it literally leaves you breathless.
In the past I had your same problem, especially with the arrival of the warm season where I put away my jacket and found myself training in t-shirts.

Result ... a disaster for chest and back !!


I decided to create a unique solution of its kind!

This is not an arrangement of materials such as the use of Mutini diving ... these are engineered and designed to retain body heat under water as I could use it in the spring and summer under the sun ??

Moreover they really deteriorated very quickly then I decided to face a real challenge.

I traveled far and wide for the best textile stores in search of a real solution that could guarantee me:
And that, at the same time, it was beautiful to wear (In short, we always talk about Made in Italy).


At the end of a long phase of study and modifications, in May 2015, the first professional Vaulting Vest produced in Italy was born: ARMORED SKIN.

Goodbye very painful abrasions !!

vault vest armoured skin

(In this photo by Simone Pileci, me and Birra during a competition in Aosta)

Starting today and only until 14 - April
Armored Skin is on sale for just € 80 instead of € 98

Do you want to say goodbye to abrasions and enjoy the game?

Order YOUR now, take advantage of the special promotion and receive it at home in 48/72h.