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Txakurtzen shop

Disc Dog specialized shop, dog training through Dogfrisbee sport, frisbees for dogs.
You can find all the discs and accessories necessary to practice Dogfrisbee with your dog or with your friends.
Find in our store everything you need to learn and teach dogfrisbee to your dog.
Personalized advice and treatment.
If you do not know which disc to buy ask us and we will help you.


Visit the official site - http://txakurtzen.com/

Sprydog .com

Sprydog US

SpryDog is actually our official reseller of FE's equipments for United States.

One of the main selling point of items for Disc Dog, these shop attracts many professional players and not.


Visit the official site - http://www.sprydog.com/

Beit ha-hermon.jpg

Beit ha-hermon

Beit ha-hermon is a dog center in north of israel from 2004 and own by Gidi Ben Dor a know dog trainer. we sale FE disc's on our on-line site
Contact :

official site - http://discdogs.info


Flipping Disc Dogz

The Flipping Disc Dogz Are a competitive team in canine disc as well as Australia's first stunt dog show team.

2016 Australian nationals
- finished 2nd,3rd,4th & 7th in pro division
- 4th toss and fetch

One of the only teams in the world
to also take their show to the street in one of the most entertaining dog show on the streets of Melbourne

For more info or training can contact them on :

Flipping Disc Dogz - visit their official facebook page


DK9 Dog

Javier Jimenez, owner of DK9 Dog is a qualified instructor and a pro player with great abilityes and incredible fantasy.

With great enthusiasm we welcome to this athlete, we are sure that we'll do great things with him.


Meet Javier on Facebook - click here to visit his DK9 dog page



Frisbeeshop.eu is a Webshop and Warehouse in professional frisbees for all disc sports, founded by Hans Krens, national youth teamcoach and ex-international teamplayer.
If you want someone to teach you how to handle a frisbee, Hans can teach you.

On Frisbeeshop.eu you can find everything you need as a disc-enthousiast. It is our official warehouse for the Benelux countries.
Frisbeeshop.eu is a brandname of the company Discs & Sports..


Visitit the official web-site - click here